Brian Pounds

Brian Pounds of Austin, Texas, is an esteemed Americana/folk-rock songwriter and performer. His latest release: Strikes and Gutters, featuring the songs "Somewhere Maybe Carolina" and "Jesus, Don't Let Me Die (On My Feet)." Pounds and his band will be celebrating the release of Strikes and Gutters with shows across Texas.  

Pounds has been a part of the vibrant Austin music scene for more than six years, having quit his job and left school to pursue his dream full-time. On Sept. 2, 2014, the young singer-songwriter will make a splash on the national Americana music scene with the release of his new, EP, Strikes and Gutters.
The five-song album – produced by Brian Douglas Phillips – is a roots-rock tour de force, featuring impressive originals (“Somewhere Maybe Carolina,” written with fellow “The Voice” competitor Austin Jenckes, currently has more than 14,000 views on YouTube), none more impressive than “Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die (On My Feet), ” a song written in the middle of a less than glamorous two-week gig at a rundown casino. A storyteller at heart, Pounds writes lyrics that are mature beyond his 25 years, composing soul-searching songs that have gripped audience members’ hearts in venues across Texas; with the release of Strikes and Gutters, the rest of the country will get the chance to experience the music of this rising star.

“As we all know there’s long been a history of great songwriters and newcomers have a great challenge in front of them if they want to break away from the pack and be considered a serious contender to this elite class.  I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some great writers and I know when I come across someone with the makings and just the right mix of talent and tenacity, and the endurance to keep going; they just might get there.  With that in mind I’d tell anyone to keep an eye and an ear out for Brian Pounds as he throws his hat in the ring and seems up for the challenge.  He brings the tools with him and the history and most importantly of all he puts his own brand on it and makes it something better than what it was.  All I can say is enjoy the songs of Brian Pounds and expect more to come.”  - Eddie Gomez / Veteran music publisher
Brian's New Album: Strikes And Gutters

Brian's New Album: Strikes And Gutters