To Hear the Full Sampler Click the Image

To Hear the Full Sampler Click the Image

Welcome to the Little Brother Music "Desert Sound" page. The “Desert Rock” genre is adored by more then 30 million music fanatics worldwide, and those fans clamor to hear more of their favorite music and artists on all media platforms. Little Brother has heard that call, and it's our pleasure to give these artists and the genre its' due. Working with new artists like John Garcia, Dandy Brown, Arthur Seay, Ruben Romano, Robbie Waldman, and James Childs, Little Brother Music Publishing is poised to be your “one-stop shop” for licensing the Genuine West Coast Desert Sound.

Below you will find 9 of the finest purveyors of the Desert Style, with key tracks featured in our sampler, The Genuine West Coast Desert Sound. The sampler is a unique blend of iconic figures and names, with up and coming desert rockers who are surely destined for great things. So take a few minutes to listen to the sampler and consider some of these names and titles for your TV and Film projects. 30 million fans might be on to something big, or perhaps the next big thing.

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John Garcia

Flower/Her Bullets Energy

The Freeks

The Secret Pathway/Vitamin D