Harbortown Saints

Harbortown Saints were initially influenced as youths by the pivotal music that fell under the early punk rock umbrella. That combined with the music taught to us by our parents formed a sturdy stepping stone out of the small pond that was home to our larval musical beginnings. By the time the members of Harbortown would come together we all had very different reasons for wanting to play music, and different influences that helped us form our own styles. However, the fact that we were all trees stemming from the same roots gave it cohesion. Our love for early punk along with soul, blues, country, jazz and 60's groups from garage bands to Cream, from Sabbath to the Stones, from the Who to Creedence etc. etc. was combined with our enjoyment of a good structurally simple song. Each of us had already been playing music for years, and had been in numerous bands. We all saw the whole rock and roll attitude that was around us. None of us had any concern with being famous or wealthy, or desperately needed our names and faces posted everywhere. We were well aware that we were playing the wrong kind of music for that anyway. We just wanted a stress free band that wasn't jockeying for position to reach the brass ring. That alone made the band work, but the fact that we played well together didn't hurt much either. We each found our individual place in Harbortown, and had plenty of room to exist with our own styles that would contribute to our band. All of that after being mashed together was extruded out of the other end as a complete group... Harbortown Saints.