Mitch Schneider
Songwriter Mitch Schneider first heard the calling of country in his native NYC via the music of the Byrds, Poco and the Flying Burrito Bros--as well as the Stones' take on country--inspiring him to learn to play a Sho-Bud Maverick pedal steel guitar at 15. Mitch's rock-oriented country songs synthesize those influences, as well as the sounds of modern country artists like Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean.
Among Schneider's songs are working man's country anthems and feel-good country rockers, while a deep sense of longing runs through his other songs like “Slide Into The Fire,”“The Wheels Came Off” and “Used.” He has co-written with various songwriters and artists including Mando Saenz, Adam Wright, Aaron Beavers, Matt Chase, Lyndie White-Wenner, Mike Gowen and Dakotah Diamond.
Schneider’s songs are distinguished by strong story lines such as “Can't Quit Runnin,’” a tribute to road warriors everywhere. Schneider lives in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, a few miles from the house where the Burritos wrote their landmark album The Gilded Palace of Sin.  “There are some good vibrations out this way, and I try to tap into that energy.”