Quiet Hounds

Quiet Hounds are gentlemen of various talents unexpectedly united with the unabashed desire to produce pure, authentic music with only spontaneity as a guide. The collective is one part prolific lyricist and melody writer, one part instrumental savant, one part curator of taste, music and culture, one part effortless precision of all things percussive and one part artistic visionary. All is good in the world, so long as the Quiet Hounds are left to their instrumental odds and ends - exploring the power of their own collective voice on their own quiet terms. Southern Charm is their debut EP and it does not disappoint. Their follow up and recent release EP, Megaphona is just as brilliant. If you are a fan of Elbow, Keane, U2, Coldplay, The Killers, The Shins, Spoon or Nada Surf, then get ready to meet your new favorite band! Little Brother Music represents the publishing & masters for both EPs.

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